Allez My Way is a group of elite travel professionals committed to intricately curating unique, luxury travel experiences that express, empower, and transform.

With our decades of experience, unmatched eye for detail, and access to the buying power, relationships, and leading-edge technology of the Protravel powerhouse, we design seamless and unforgettable travel experiences for celebrities, CEOs, families, and individuals.

Get To Know Us


Sometimes all you have is a kernel. Something inside pulling you to an experience unknown. We will help you craft your journey, and we will do so with care. Because Allez My Way wants this transformative adventure for you as much as you want it for yourself. Really, we think travel is one of the most important things in life. And we know a lot of incredible places to go.



Allez My Way gets you where you need to be, when you need to be there, efficiently and comfortably, with a touch of luxury. We take personal responsibility to get you to your meetings. Let us unburden you so you can get to work.

Nail It


By having up to the minute information on weather and what’s happening in the world, Allez My Way is able to blanket your family travel in safety and ease. You want a vacation where all ages can participate and we’re here to show you the options are endless.

Wow Them


When you plan travel with Allez My Way, you will be joining a roster of some of the world’s greatest celebrities and performers. What you have in common: the need for privacy, immediacy, flawless execution and a personal touch. Beyond that—each VIP client comes with a unique set of expectations and demands. How do we accommodate your needs? We never say no.


When we are working with Laurie and her team, we get her full attention as if we are her only clients. She knows our preferences and anticipates. We have the impression she is there for us around the clock.

Hans Miller