It’s like taking someone else’s life for a spin, only to return to your own, empowered and transformed.

Everyone has a different reason for travel, but Allez My Way creates travel experiences for only one reason: it’s in our blood.

Our depth, attention to details, personal touch, 24/7 availability, and core focus on service sets us apart.

We’ll let you in on our secret formula: Start with 25 years of industry experience and extensive personal travel, then add the backing of Protravel International—an elite travel agency powerhouse. You end up with an intuitive, dedicated, personal touch, enhanced by a network of contacts born from relationships built for decades; cutting-edge travel technology; VIP priority, upgrades, and amenities; and the benefit of partnerships with the top suppliers in the hotel world.

All this means if you work with Allez My Way, you can relax into the reality that not only is everything taken care of, it’s taken care of with extraordinary attention to detail. You will be booked on the absolute best flight for your trip in the seat you prefer, have the most efficient transfers and transportation arranged, enjoy exclusive, incredible accommodations, and have VIP access to everything you want during the duration of your stay.

What makes a trip planned by Laurie and her team so special is their awareness of and responsiveness to our travel preferences and interests, professional, courteous and timely response to our calls, text and emails, and provision of local contacts in foreign countries, as necessary, to assure our safety and wellbeing.



Though Allez My Way is a group of elite travel professionals, it is backed by Protravel, an internationally acclaimed travel agency that has been delivering personalized services for over 30 years. This provides many valuable benefits that smaller agencies just can’t offer. With Allez My Way, you get it both ways—the network, technology, protection and access of an agency giant, with the attentive and personal touch of a boutique.


  • Top preferred partner with all major airlines, meaning negotiated rates, special fares, VIP priority wait-list clearance, and upgrades
  • Established partnerships with top suppliers in the hotel world, meaning preferred rates, exclusive perks at thousands of hotels, VIP amenities and upgrades at elite 4- and 5-star hotels across the world


  • Secure online client profiles manage passport and global entry details, seating preferences, frequent flier miles, club points, car rental memberships, and more
  • Highly evolved mobile itinerary management
  • Worldwide SIM cards, mobile and satellite phones, calling app and travel Wi-Fi solutions
  • Advanced travel management reporting systems


  • VIP access to events, dinner reservations, spa treatments, tee-times, and more
  • Worldwide sporting and art events
  • Specialty ecotourism and volunteer expeditions
  • Professional local guides
  • Exclusive wellness retreats


  • Private security services and trip insurance
  • Up to the minute international travel advisories
  • Foreign currency and lost credit card assistance


Laurie Robinson, founder of Allez My Way, has lived and breathed travel most of her life. When she started assisting her family at a travel agency, she thought it would be a temporary job while she “found herself.” Decades later it turns out she did find herself—through travel.

“My work and travel are part of my DNA;
They make me who I am.”

The fact that Laurie studied art, owned a restaurant and is married to a musician greatly informs her unique perspective. But it’s her passion for travel, food, music, language, culture and art that fuels her to create unparalleled travel experiences for her clients. Laurie says, “Travel to me is an opportunity to blend in where you don’t always belong, to take part in someone else’s culture, to eat differently, to drink differently, to do things you would never try at home because, through travel, you are giving yourself the chance to be somebody different. Travel is also a chance to truly indulge.”

Laurie encourages her client base to see the world through their own lens, just as she has throughout her many passport stamps. To help make this happen, Laurie takes full responsibility for her travelers and their experience. Once she books a trip, she owns it, and will be the one sitting on hold with the airline, or making re-accommodations at 3 AM while her clients, in a different time zone, head to the beach to enjoy the sunset. She thrives in the details that make each experience seamless. As she puts it, she has the ability to “make magic happen.” If you want to know her secret for keeping high-profile clients happy, she’ll tell you: “I never say no.”

We only need to look at Laurie’s client retention and industry recognition to know she is good at what she does. She was nominated for Travel & Leisure’s A-List, is a board member of Departures Luxury, is part of the Bon Appétit Travel Advisory, and is a member of Virtuoso.

Laurie currently resides in the Upper East Side in New York City. In October of every year, you’ll find her working on Imagine Peace, where the Peace Tower in Reykjavik, Iceland, is lit to honor John Lennon.