The major benefit of using a travel agent can be summed up in one word: access. Agents have access to deals that consumers do not, due to relationships with vendors built for decades. They also have access to exclusive places to stay, and the connections to book tours and activities that aren’t easy to come by.

There’s also the added bonus of time and peace of mind. You get to take back all those hours you’d spend searching for flights, hotels and things to do. And you don’t have to worry if the choices you made were good ones– a travel agent knows first hand what’s best.

What is especially appealing is that if something goes wrong– it’s your travel agent sitting on hold trying to resolve the issue instead of you. It’s almost like having a personal assistant hired solely for your trip.

You don’t have to DIY to have an authentic experience – authenticity exists at your destination. But Allez My Way likes to work with people in whatever capacity they need. For example, if you love to search for places to stay, we can help with advice on what you’ve uncovered, and handle only transportation. Picture DIY with access to an immense knowledge base and someone who has your back.

We book all kinds of travel depending on the client’s taste, including authentic experiences. We have to mention though– rustic can also be luxurious these days.

You may be surprised to learn that travel agent fees are not high. You can end up only paying $75-$150 depending on the trip. The primary source of income for travel agents is not the fees they charge their customers.

Generally, sooner is better– depending on the destination and the dates. We have a much better shot at matching the clients with the perfect components if we have lead time.

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We would love to help you decide! One of the benefits of being in the travel industry for twenty-five years is our vast knowledge base of places in the world to visit. Getting to know you and what you’re looking for in your travels would be our pleasure. We treat our clients with care and make intuitive suggestions to them.

Absolutely. We are very adept at navigating the intricate visa and passport requirements. What might be a confusing process for you is old hat to us. We were even able to get an office to open and issue a passport to a customer on a Saturday– not that we recommend it.